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Next Race Venue:

Next Race Dates:
18-20 Mar'22

Next Race Time:
18:00 Local Time | 20:30 IST

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F1 or Formula 1 is considered the pinnacle of motorsport. While there are many motorsport races and titles, F1 is considered the most prestigious.

F1 is a series of car races or "Grand Prix" which are held across the world. Instead of countries, teams take part in these. The teams could be made by major car companies around the world (e.g. German Mercedes and French Alpine) or just a bunch of rich racing enthusiasts (e.g. Williams).

Based on the finishing position of drivers, each driver and team is given a number of points. The team with the most cumulative points at the end of the season (year) is called "Constructors Champion" and the driver with the most cumulative points is the "World Drivers Champion".

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